The Hulk

The Hulk is the best superhero!

He is the best!

There are lots of superheroes but The Hulk is the best. He has a lot of amazing powers, he has defeated many other superheroes and non-superheroes, and he comes from a really weird origin. Who wouldn’t like the powerful, strong, aggressive Hulk? He’s the best superhero ever!

Why is The Hulk the best superhero?

His superpowers!

The first reason The Hulk is the best superhero is, he has so many powers! The first power is, The Hulk’s leaping ability. “The Hulks leg muscles are so strong, that he can leap nearly three miles in a single bound” (pg. 6) As you can see The Hulk has really strong leg muscles. Another great power The Hulk has is bulletproof skin. “His skin resists direct hits by small arms, fire grenades, and artillery shells, as well as the high impact blows of his usual super powered spamming partners.”(pg. ) The Hulk’s skin is resists lots of different kinds of firearms. The Hulk’s last power is his stamina. “He once spent a full week swimming across the ocean without a single bound.” (pg. ) He has super stamina. Those are just some of The Hulk’s amazing powers!

The Hulk's battles

Next, The Hulk has defeated lots of superheroes and non-superheroes! He has defeated The Amazing Spiderman in an issue in 1996 for the first time. He Defeated and killed General Ross because The Hulk was dating Betty which was General Ross’s crush. So, The Hulk destroyed him! The Fantastic Four was always an arch nemesis to The Hulk so The Hulk battled them, and defeated them. The Hulk is so powerful!

The Hulk's origin

My last reason is, The Hulk comes from a really weird/cool origin. “The Hulk was born in the heart of a nuclear explosion!” (pg. 5) He has a disorder called MPD. MPD stands for multiple personality disorder. Since The Hulk has been born, lots of different variations of him have been created, like The Hulk with red eyes or The Hulk with brown skin.