By: Mandell Hull B1


Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a 120 foot high tower. Her named Lapunzel. She was stuck in a tower for 9 months. She was out hope. She wanted her hair to be long of enough to reach the bottom f the tower. She had to get weave ,she didn't have a choice. Lapunzel order her weave off the internet and a pelican dropped off the weave. It took 5 hours to sow it in but it was worth it.
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Rising Action

She couldn't wait to for a prince to save her. The next day a price came and his call woke Lapunzel from her slumber. "Lapunzel, Lapunzel let down your hair." "Its weave."Lapunzel tiredly called. " Well then Lapunzel, Lapunzel let down your weave." As Lapunzel threw down her hair she couldn't stop thiking of what she would do with the prince.


The prince tried to climb up the weave but he draging Lapunzel out the princess plus pulling the weave out of her hair. The prince pulled with all his strenght wishing he could climb the weave but his wish didn't come true.


The prince walk away intil he heard a scream. The princess had fallen out the window. the prince ran and ran but he was to late the princess had hit the ground hard and I mean hard her head had split open but the last words that came out her mouth were "thank you showing me freedom." and she was gone.