Liliane (Allison Brissette)


France is the largest country in Western Europe and the third-largest in Europe as a whole. France is well known for its delicious bake goods and food.


France has four seasons just like here in the U.S! During l'hiver, or winter, in mountainous areas there is plenty of snow. It is rare however for it to snow on the plains, and extremely rare in Paris. During printemps, or spring, the temperatures in France rise above 20 degrees celsius, or 70 degrees fahrenheight. This is the time to break out your t-shirts and enjoy the nice, fresh air! During ete, or summer, the climate is hot and peaceful. The tempature reaches 30 degrees celsius, 86 degrees fahrenheight. During automne, or autumn, the weather is really rainy and cooling off for the start of winter. The leaves start to turn colors. It is a beautiful site!