Mountain Lion

Alec Enyeart

Mountion lion habatat.

Mountain lions are most likely found in American habitats such as mountain ranges. There there are many deer ,elk, moose, and bighorn sheep. It even eats some insets and some rodents.

Is your animal a carnivore, is your animal a carnivore ,omnivore, herbivore.

The mountain lion is a carnivore. It eats deer, coyotes, moose and more.

How can humans be harmful to this animal?

They can overhunt them or bald city’s where there habitats used to be.

What adaptations help this animal?

Its speed helps it get prey fast without the prey knowing. And its strength helps it while it’s fighting. But I think the best one is stealth. Mostly because it stalks its prey before it attacks the prey. That is extremely important.

How can humans help this animal survive?

they could make nature preserve instead of building city’s there.

Does your animal have any special behaviors?

Yes it could attack even when the prey flinches.

Other facts

A mountain lion prefers rocky ranges but can do flat ground. A mountain lion has very large territory.



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