IT Technician

By Samuel Ferris

Specific Skills

As an IT Technician you would be required to have skills in the Active directory, this is valuable to the employer because they will know you are capable of accessing the server and editing certain credentials as well as this the employer will know you have some experience in technical skills. Another useful skill would be Health and safety so your employer will know that you will be performing tasks safely and not endangering yourself or faculty.

General Skills

In your role as an IT Technician one of the general skills you would need would be goo telephone manner, the employer would value this because they would know you could easily talk to customers and explain technical issues with ease as well as ensuring that clients understand you, another skill would be the ability to have good customer care to ensure that you can safely fix equipment around clients.

Soft Skills

Within your role one soft skills you would need would be the ability to multi task so you can focus on multiple jobs at once without losing track as well as dealing with more than one client at a time, this is very valuable to an employer. Another soft skill would be the ability to stay calm under pressure this is valuable to an employer because they will know that you are capable of working to deadlines.