L.T.F Organization

Who are we ?

Everyone wants the world to change and the change starts now with equal distribution of food. L.T.F is a non-profit organization, who strives to help the less fortunate around the world. We believe everyone should have the proper amounts of food and that NO ONE should starve.

Why We Want to Help

We started L.T.F because we saw how large of an issue world hunger is, and that broke our hearts. It is not fair to those who have to suffer when we can create enough product for everyone. L.T.F first started in our city (Philadelphia, PA), we saw homeless people begging for food everywhere we went. We were hearing different theories, and we decided to do our own research. We found this website that stated " Annually, the USDA estimates that food insecurity affects 42 million people. This means that one in eight individuals live in households without consistent access to adequate food." This is why we decided to help since no one else was trying. Today L.T.F is a worldwide organization that is trying to help everyone, one step at a time.

Our Plan

To end world hunger, we are planning to gather and collect canned/bagged food from anyone and create different fundraisers to help pack a full lunch to provide to the homeless and even shelters. Everyone could contribute! Just bring a smile and a can and you will make someone's life! Help us out & DONATE!


started by: Kitana, Zanyiah, Rachel