Things you Should know about Games


1. Games are so exspensive to make.

Games can be so expensive to make, and can cost up to 500 million dollars. The thing about gaming is that when you spend that amount of money you need to be able to make a profit.

2. Games can help people dealing with forms of depression.

Depression is a big deal right at the moment and video games heal that for most people. It's good to think about games helping people though.

3. Tons of Marketing

The good part about games is they are a huge audience that are always ready to play the next best thing,

4. Games really have gone down hill.

What I'm talking about is that most games are just rehashed of the same old game. The people who made it found a good formula and it stuck. The last 10 games or so have just been the same game with small tweaks.

5. Games make the bucks

Even if people think video games are stupid they have to admit that it makes so much money down the road. Such as like League of Legends which you can pay to win. They make so much money back.

6. Most games are anticapted.

As a many gamer know and love when games come out, but they also love to hype the game so it does well.


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