Comparison of Colonial Regions

Yanna Jackson

New England Regions

Religion- A group called the puritans established a community that was taught on biblical teachings.

Economy-as far as the economy New England had small farms so that there families could have food to eat.

Society- the society wasn't the best because they wanted you to attend church every Sunday and they had the townspeople scared of the Salem witch trials which had meant that if somebody was caught doing something they didn't have any business doing they could be burned at the stake or the church could bring up there business.

What started it- because the government wanted them to not have as much freedom as they did and they wanted everything a certain way.

Middle Regions

Religion- they had a high tolerance for religion and they didn't use religion in there region that much.

Economy- the middle region was mostly a diverce economy where they had farming and commerce, and they benefited from trade and they would also use farming to ship things to further places that were overseas.

Society- the silvery was very diverse because of William penn he wanted people to be more equal with each other.

What started it- William pen wanted everybody to enjoy one another.

Southern Regions

Religion- the southern colonies had very diverse religions since more than one type of person was living down there.

Economy-the south was a farming economy because they had the good enough soil to grown crops and sell them for profits.

Society- they were very diverse and they worked with each other to make a profit so they would get along.

What started it- the south used salves to help them with there farming and they returned the favor by feeding them and giving them money so they could provide for there own families