November Team Updates

Origami Owl Dream Designers

Hello Team,

Welcome to the team, all new designers!!! I am so happy to have you with us! Each month, I send out a monthly email with our team updates, top sales, promotions, and lots of other fun info.

I want to give a HUGE shoutout for our October Team Volume. You all have BLOWN ME AWAY!!! Our total team volume for the month of October was $86,134.71!! By far, our highest month ever!! Way to go!!

Now for our team promotions:

October Promotions:

Leading Designer:

Julie White

Lori Baker

Lynlee Funk

Melanie STrode

Richelle Hunt

Team Leader:

Kristine Oatley

Nicole Seidel

Senior Team Leader:

Sharmin Hegenauer

And now for a shout out to our $1000 Club Achievers!!!

Pam Lesniak (3), Lori Kelley (3), Ginger Battle (3), Tamara Gissendaner (3), Stephanie Miller (2), Kristin Meyers (2), Ali Peifer (2), Deb Wright (2), Lori Baker (1), Dawn Schuessler (1), Kristine Oatley (1), Rachel Creed (1), Julie Burdick (1), Ashley Keenan (1), Mary Boks (1), Lynlee Funk (1), Nikki Seidel (1), Tara Szekely (1), Erin Hilliard (1), Melanie Koehn (1), Lisa Baldwin (1), Sherry Kazee (1), Janel Tatrow (1), Jennifer Rangel (1), Kristen Kendrick (1), Julie White (1), Cindy and Claudia Chrysler (1)

Each of these ladies have earned tickets for the Ultimate Spa Retreat incentive package I'm offering at the end of the year. Each time a designer reaches $1000 in PV, he or she will receive a ticket for the drawing. The tickets accumulate over the year and a winner will be drawn on January 1, 2014.

Don't miss these important upcoming dates:

Mid-Michigan Team Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 6:30pm

5180 Fashion Square Boulevard

Saginaw Charter Township, MI

The cost is $2 to help defray the cost of the room. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS TRAINING as we will be covering promotions, inspiration, and training of the new back office. For the out-of-town members, we will be offering a live webinar of the meeting. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the link to the webinar.

Supercharged by Savvy Annual Christmas Party:

Thursday, Dec. 19th, 6:30pm


Mark the date on your calendars because you absolutely don't want to miss our very first annual Christmas Party!! The location is still TBD, but will be communicated soon!

Thank you all again for an amazing month! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Lots of love,