Eighth Grade AIG

Eighth Grade Coached Paideia Writing: Argumentative Essay

Students are in the midst of researching and writing their argumentative essays for their Coached Paideia projects. There were four projects from which to choose, and students have been researching their topics for a few weeks. All topics related to sustainable and green living specifically for Asheville.

Here are some helpful hints if you want to talk with your student about a strong argumentative essay. Both AIG specialists work with ASG Reading students in ELA, and we'll be using these standards to give feedback on the students' Paideia essays.

Standards of Reasoning:

  • Are there enough reasons to make a convincing argument?
  • Is the evidence correct or right?
  • Are the reasons clear? Is the meaning understandable by anyone who reads this? Are they explained well, or is more information needed?
  • Are specific reasons or examples included rather than vague generalizations?
  • Are the arguments and reasons strong and important? Or do they seem to be included just to have something to say?
  • Is the thinking logical? Does the paragraph follow an understandable path or is it just a disconnected group of statements? Do the sentences seem to go together and to be in the right order?

Eighth Grade Enrichment Study Groups

Enrichment Study Groups (ESG) meet each Wednesday with Mrs. Nichols during eighth grade ELA.

Conceptual Lens: Exploration

The conceptual lens Exploration is meant to add depth and complexity to the content we'll be studying in ESG this year. Viewing content through this conceptual lens will help students think critically about the content as well as make the learning personal to their lives. The students came up with four generalizations about Exploration:

  • Exploration leads to change.
  • Exploration can be challenging.
  • Exploration leads to discovery and learning.
  • Exploration allows you to travel mentally or physically.

For the past few weeks ESG students have been doing some exploration and research about what it takes to be ready for college. They've researched data about college enrollment as well as the costs associated with attending different types of colleges. We'll be finishing up our unit on College Readiness with an informal debate about student loans, the costs of higher education, and admissions criteria.