Korean War

By: Jacob Fetyko

The Korean War

"On June 25, 1950, then Korean War began when some 75,000 soldiers from the North Korean People's army poured across the 38th parallel."(History.com) When the Americans came in to help South Korea they got embarrassed at how many troops were dying and they were losing. When Douglas Macarthur came in he turned around the war for the south. "but on the Korean War came to a end with a truce." But no one really won because both of the sides didn't claimed they won. At end 631,084 South Korean tropps died and 1,407,382 South Korean troops got wonded. 1,804,032 North Korean troops got killed or wounded.

Korean War FunFacts

1.Douglas Macarthur was a five star general

2.The 38th parallel was the border between North and South Korea

3.This was the first war with fighter jets used in battle

4.The total deaths was 2,435,116

5.There were 18 countries that fought on the side of South Korea and 3 on the North Korean's side.



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