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Country facts

Denmark has a population of 5,599,021 and they all speak Danish. They wore folk costumes from 1700's to the 1800's and still wear them today. Most Danes eat open faced sandwiches also known as smorrebreod. Danes also like to listen to pop music. Some of their traditions were at Christmas people would circle around the tree and sing songs and dance. Another tradition was called saint Hans which is where they would burn a witch to send all evil spirits away to Germany. Some interesting facts are Denmark has a queen instead of a president. Denmark has 406 islands and only 78 are inhabit and one of these islands are Greenland. Lego's came from Denmark.

Immigration facts

Why they came here

More and more Danes were born so that meant there were not enough jobs and the risk of unemployment increased so Danish immigrants moved here. Most families from Denmark came to the U.S as a family but sometimes the father came first. Most Danish immigrants settled in California,Utah, and Iowa. Once they had arrived here more then 30,000 were processed though an immigration station each week and were given painful medical inspections. Some famous people from Denmark are Hans Christian Andersen who was a famous fairy tale writer. Have you heard of The Ugly Duckling or The Little Mermaid? Those stories were written by Hans Christen Andersen. Some other Famous Danes were Victor Borge who was a pianist and comedian and Marten Andersen who played national football for the New Orleans saints.

Danish recipe: Frikadeller

1 pound ground pork

1 egg

3/4 milk

4 tablespoon flour

1 onion (diced)

salt and pepper

mix all ingredients shape into meatballs and cook in margarine in drying pan.Keep turning over frequently until done.