France Culture


France Waiters& Waitresses

In France the servers are considered professionals. In nicer restaurants the servers have to know all about the food and they have to be good servers. In pretty much every restaurant in France the waiters and waitresses take pride in their work. The servers find it very impolite to call them "Garcon" they would much rather be called Monsieur, Madame or Mademoiselle. The diners usually take their time preparing their food so meals usually last a bit longer.

food talk

If the food doesn't taste good then the french might say "C'est pas terrible" which means it's terrible. If they think the food is good then they would say something like "C'est pas mauvais".


In France they include a 15% tip in the check so you wouldn't have to leave a tip unless you wanted to. The tip is only included if the check says something like "service compris". If you're not sure then you can ask.