By : Eleanor


The dancers train and exercise every single day. They need to attend dance classes to maintain high levels of technical proficiency, physical ability, and physical fitness. Dancers study and practice dance. Some dancers perform dances on stage, on-air broadcasting, or for video recording.

Skills and Knowledge

You need to like music, flexible, have good coordination, you can learn things quickly, the knowledge you need for this job is knowing how to perform in front of lots of audiences and also learn lots of techniques in a short amount of time.

Special Tools

You need to buy point shoes, Ballet flats, Jazz shoes, Hip hop shoes, leotards, and tap shoes.

Pros For A Dancer

Pros of the Job:

  • They learn how to coordinate

  • They pick up new things more quickly

  • Active Listening

  • Instructing

  • Better at Time Management

  • Critical Thinking

Cons For A Dancer

Cons of the Job:

  • Low pay

  • Lots of practice is needed

  • Injuries

  • Takes a lot of your time away from other stuff

  • Stays indoor almost all the time

Salary Range

A dancer receives around $15.87 per hour.

Best college For Dancers

College :

#1 Best : Juilliard School and it cost $56030 ( plus the housing and meals everyday ) a year

#2 Best : Joffery Ballet School and it cost $444264 ( plus the housing ) a year

Job Outlook

The outlook for dancers is that it will grow by 13%.

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