How Google search works

Google search

How Google search

Well when someone wants to search something they will write it in the text box and then press the search whilst it is loading in a room Google is getting every page up of what you want to know, it will take out a word to get the one that you really need and what will be helpful for you and all of this takes about less then a second. And When you search something like "BBC" these little things called spiders will go and find a the page that says BBC and put a little flag and then the spiders will go back and put the flag in the data base show when you search it it will be there

Tips for getting search results:

  • type in what you want to search then click the little thing next where it says sign in and go down and click advanced search and put in what you want to search and the third one down type in what word you want to search then go right down to the bottom and click advanced search and it shout cut down the pages.

How Search Works