road trip project

by: Garrett Montgomery

La Paz bolivia

  • There are many languages in Bolivia but the most common one is Spanish.
  • Bolivia is a country in south america and became independent august 6th 1825.
  • the traditional cuisine of Bolivia is potatoes corn and beans.
  • the houses they live in are modern architecture.
  • Bolivia has schools for the children.
  • Bolivia is protected by there police.
  • Bolivians are very close with all there family.
  • Bolivia is a democracy.
  • Bolivians are catholic and christian.

Nassau Bahamas

  • the language in the Bahamas is English but a little more British thank English.
  • in 1953 politician Lyndon pindling led there nation to vote for independence from England.
  • fish, shellfish, lobster, crab, conch and a variety of fruits.
  • the Bahamas use the primary education system. just like England.
  • they are protected by the military.
  • they are very close to there family.
  • they are in a parliamentary democracy which has a prime minister.
  • most people in the Bahamas are christian.

brasilia brazil

  • the main language in Brazil is Portuguese.
  • The first European to colonize Brazil was Pedro Alvarez Cabral on April 22 1500.
  • certain levels of education are available for all children living in Brazil.
  • they are protected by the police.
  • they are close with there family.
  • Brazil is in a constitution republic.
  • the religion of Brazil is catholic