Works Progress Administration

Demetrius Bass

What is WPA?

The WPA was created in 1933 during The Great Depression. It was part of Roosevelt's New Deal plan. It employed million of people that didn't contain a job.

( Mostly people that didn't have any working skill.)

It was created to mainly organize peoples lives or to keep them occupied, instead wondering in the streets to absolutely nothing.

Was the WPA program effective?

The WPA program was super effective. It employed a little bit over 8.5 million people, and the average salary was $41.57 a month. WPA employees built bridges ,roads, public buildings, and even airports.

Is the WPA still around today?

Sadly, the WPA isn't still around. It was dropped between 1943 to 1944. Due to the fact that federal debt was still concerned at the time.

Was the WPA a great idea?

I believe the WPA was a great thing to have at the time. It gave people something to do and they workers received money to take care of them selves and family.

(It will still be great today.)

This initiative was meant for recovery.