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To migrate or to move to a different place where you originally lived to a different place. Humans Migrate across the world and that started 2 million years ago and it was followed by many other modern migrations of modern humanism. I came from Italy so i migrated to America to live there for my life and be a part of America to live there to get money maybe go back to Italy.

Create Cultural Mosaics.

It is a mix of different languages and cultures that make up society. Culture is everywhere and people need to speak our languages to come to are County to understand what we are saying and understand people in are ways. If you don't understand it will mess people that don't understand other people and will give them the wrong direction and mess people up.

Balance the forces of Cooperation and conflict among different social groups.

Social conflict is the struggle or power in society. Social Conflict are when two or more society's oppose each other in an interaction. An example is war and struggle for power.

Identify and explain examples of power shifting between social groups.

A social group is a group of people (two or more people) that interact with each other creating a Community Atmosphere.The shifting of power is finding groups that have a common cause and shift the power for a long-term social advancement. Isis is having causing trouble with the french by bombing public places and they've also inspired 5 attacks in the U.S invading the U.S all well. There attacking the U.S but were not backing down and they want us to attack but we won't because we don't deal with terrorists.

How power shifts between social groups can have a negative and or positive effect.

Power shifts in social groups can be bad or they can be good. If the population or the economy goes up if not there can be war for a negative effort. A power in the white house in the debate going to down now and it will switch to a republican party if the Trump is elected for president. Trump will give us more money but he will be rude.

What social group you were a part of during bullets and ballots.

We were the Guatemalan Government and we wanted peace with everyone that we met. The united states wanted a treaty with the army and wealthy and we had a treaty with them aswell and the united states took all of the army and wealthy's money so they had a treaty with us that they broke and now they wanted to attack us.