Baseball Caps

& How They Are Made


Technology with globalization is when we communicate with people around the world and use technology to understand different aspects of different regions. We have the ability to look up things that happen in different countries. Before technology, we didn't have the ability to learn more about how other countries worked. Also, transportation of goods wasn't available before the thought of technology. Now, we are able to get materials from other countries that we couldn't get here in America.


Economic globalization is the fact that we can actually sell products that don't come from America. Vice versa. A product could be made in China, but be sold in America. That was a rare thing a long time ago. Usually, people would have made the products themselves and then sold them locally. Now businesses mostly sell products that don't even come from the USA, never mind from your home town.

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There are many different different cultures around the world. Everyone wears different clothes and eat different foods that fit within your culture. Cultural globalization is when different cultures reach out to other countries. Many years ago, you probably would have a difficult time trying to find an Indian restaurant or a Japanese restaurant. Now, there are many around the USA. Even some of the styles that American use today is inspired by the cultures of different countries. Cultures aren't just limited to the country people live in anymore.

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You wouldn't think that by having a factory in a secluded area would affect many people. It affects many people because pollution, for example, spreads throughout the world, so if you live in a place full of buildings and factories, it's not just you who is affected by the pollution. People many states away could be affected. What you do to the environment affects people across the globe, not just you.

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Technology (Problems)

Although a very important aspect of the world, globalization can have some issues. Technological globalization is not always useful. Yeah, you can talk to people from the other side of the country, but the technology might consume everyone's jobs around the world. That would have the economy plummeting greatly. With machines replacing everyone's jobs, the people who have lost their jobs will no longer get paid, unless they can get another job somewhere. Although, if you're working in a factory, you probably don't have the right requirements to maintain another job. With the baseball cap, a machine makes that main ingredient in it, which is polyester. That machine costs people their jobs.
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Economic (Problems)

The economy isn't always great. The baseball cap could cost a certain amount in Bangladesh, and be worth a different amount in America. The currency is different around the world, so a Taka in Bangladesh is worth 1 penny in the USA. Some people would feel that this is a rip off towards Bangladesh, but one Taka could be a lot to make over there. Also, the machines can take over Bangladesh and that would lead to mad unemployment.

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Environmental (Problems)

As I said before, pollution affects everyone. With these new machines everywhere, (Including the factories that make baseball caps.) it's polluting the air, affecting not only China, but America gets affected too, but on the west side.

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Cultural (Problems)

One issue with cultural globalization is the fact that some people are racist. People won't serve certain people at restaurants or people won't respect other people's beliefs and that isn't good at all. We want to try to be civilized and peaceful because if we're not, there's so much hatred and disrespect that no one can ever be happy. People around the world are always so segregated whether it's with public places or mindsets.

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Cultural (Solution)

Cultural globalization is hard for some people to cope with. Everyone has their own beliefs and opinions. That doesn't mean you can just voice them and act upon it. A solution to the cultural problem could be to teach about it more in schools. Spread the word that everyone has their own way of dressing, talking, eating, and thinking. If we had a "cultural" class added to almost every school in the nation, (Grades 1-12) then there would be less conflict and alienated opinions. Children would grow up understanding that people are different and respect that instead of being racist towards one another.

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I chose this product because I love baseball caps. I have worn them a lot ever since I was a child and so has most of my family. My father wears the same one almost everyday. Usually, I like to wear them when I go outside because they keep the sun and rain out of my face. They're also good to wear if you are having a bad hair day; it practically saves you're life. I just thought it would be interesting to learn about what my hats are made up of and how they are made.