The Cold War

By: Jasmine Fahmy


Containment was the United States Policy to prevent the spread of communism abroad. The United States was more than determined to prevent the spreading of communism. To help halt the spread, the US created NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) with many of the non-communist European nations. The idea of containment wasn't limited to the government. The American public was hysterical over the idea of communism taking over the US, thanks to McCarthyism, which was the practice of making accusations of treason with no solid evidence.

Foreign Policy

During this time, the US added a lot to the foreign policy to further support the cause of containment. Two doctrines and a plan were introduced during the Cold War. The Truman Doctrine established that the United States would provide political, military, and economic assistance to all democratic nations under threat from communist forces. The Marshall Plan was the plan of economic aid for the reconstruction in Europe after World War II. Lastly, the Eisenhower Doctrine was the policy that a country can request American assistance if it was being threatened by another state, and this particular document mentioned the Soviet by name.


The US had two different confrontations with communist Cuba at this time. The Bay of Pigs Invasion happened when Cuban exiles tried to stage an invasion at the Bay of Pigs. The exiles were captured, and the United States ended up aiding Cuba in exchange for the exiles' freedom. The most famous is the Cuban Missile Crisis, which occurred when the Soviets built military missile sites in case of another invasion. The US completely blockaded Cuba, and the USSR agreed to remove their missiles if the US removed their missile sites near the Soviet Union in Turkey. This Cuban Missile Crisis was considered to be Brinkmanship, which was the practice of pushing dangerous events to the brink of danger in order to achieve the best outcome.

The United States v. The Soviet Union

The Cold War was mainly a conflict between the United States and The Soviet Union, though sometimes other countries were involved. During the Korean War, the United States and the Soviet Union took opposing sides. The United States fought alongside South Korea for containment of communism against North Korea and The Soviet Union. They also competed for technological superiority. The Space Race was the competition between the two nations to be the most superior in spaceflight capacity. This led to many revolutions, and most famously, led to the first steps on the moon.