United Way

October 24 - October 28

United Way

Each grade level will have the opportunity to attend a breakfast during SSR on a designated day during the week. $3 is all it costs to get a donut and glass of orange juice...plus a chance to socialize with your friends during SSR time!


  • 6th grade breakfast: Tuesday, October 25th

  • 7th grade breakfast: Thursday, October 27th

  • 8th grade breakfast: Friday, October 28th

For more info go here: www.unitedwaygkc.org

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What They Are Selling?

  • Lollipops for $1 each

  • Halloween Treat Bags for $1 each

  • Blue Jay Bracelets for $0.50 each

  • Tardy Passes (you are able to arrive up to one minute late to class) for $1 each

  • Get Out of School Early Pass (you are able to leave class 2 minutes early at the end of the day) for $1 each

  • Lip Balm for $1 each