Laura Gonzlez

Join My Life Style


Hi my name is Laura, I'm 18 years old. I used to party with my friend's and etc. But now I can't do that any more cause I'm be a mother in couple of day's. I'm also glad that I'm still in school and about to finish in a few months. I still live with my mom and sister and I'm glad I still have them.

One thing you've learned in school this year.

One thing I learn this school year is Geometry. On my 10th grade I didn't understand nor pay attention of what that was. But now I got better at Geometry now I think that's my favorite subject.

Favorite types of Music

My favorite types of music would be Spanish and rock. When I get bored I get my phone and listen to them. Sometimes I would put my headphones on to listen to music. Those types of music relax me alot.