The Enigma Machine

Why Was it Important?

What Is It?

The Enigma machine is a piece of coding hardware invented by a German and used by Britain's codebreakers as a way of deciphering German signals traffic during .The Enigma machine is an electro-mechanical device that relies on a series of rotating 'wheels' or ‘rotors’ to scramble plain messages into a complex text to keep the British and other countrys from intercepting their communtications.

Why Was It Important To the Allies?

If the Allies managed to decrpyt the code, they could read teh messages the Germans were sending from their troops on the front line. This was very important if they were planning a bombing or any other tactics that they had arranged! By deciphering the enigma machine, the British were able to shortner the war by 2-4 years!

Most Important People....

The Bombe

What Was It?

The bombe was an electromagentical device used by the British to help decipher the German Enigma machine during WW2. It was created in 1939 in a cypher school in Bletchly Park by Alan Turing.


What Was It?

Colossus was the worlds first electronical digital computer, that was able to be programmed. The colossus computers were used by British codebreakers to crack the enigma. It was desined by Tommy Flowers at Bletchly Park cypher school.