Berrien Springs Band News

February 3, 2019

Welcome Back (again!)

I hope everyone stayed warm and enjoyed their 2nd winter break. :-)

I am going to operate under the assumption that the HS will have an Even day tomorrow (Monday) since we still have to finish 6th hour/8th hour HS exams. HS Band students will need their CHROMEBOOKS and their INSTRUMENTS tomorrow (Monday)

Middle School Students, the schedule for the week is:

Monday: CHOIR

Tuesday: BAND

Wednesday: CHOIR

Thursday: BAND

Friday: CHOIR

7-12 grade Parents, we need your help. With the unexpected weather break, we have lost an entire week of rehearsals. Both band and choir have Festival coming up. Festival is similar to a state standardized test that your students take - except we perform for a panel of judges. Here's what we need your help with: We need your student to PRACTICE their instrument at home. PLEASE! We can only do so much during the school day, especially when we have alternating schedules with choir. Ask your students what their music is, and have them play a bit for you.

We will also be asking for an extra set of rehearsals either after school or in the evening coming up to help the students prepare. We also will need the extra time to put the 8th grade bands and 7th grade bands together (since they are all in different classes). As soon as we get the information about those extra rehearsals ready, we will notify you immediately.

Pep Band Make-up Date/Time

The HS basketball game that was postponed due to weather will be played this Wednesday, February 6th. Call time to the HS is 5:15. We will be performing during the Varsity Girls game and the Varsity Boys game.

T-shirts are IN! $10. Make sure you have your money turned in so we can all wear our new shirts this Wednesday.


HS Pep Band - Wednesday, Feb. 6 @ 5:15, HS Band Room

HS Solo & Ensemble - Friday, Feb. 8, St. Joseph HS

HS Solo & Ensemble - Saturday, Feb. 9, Southwestern Michigan College, Dowagiac

HS Pep Band - Tuesday, Feb. 12 @ 6:30pm, HS Band Room


HS Pep Band - Friday, Feb. 15 @ 5:15pm, HS Band Room

Pre-Festival Concert - Monday, Feb. 18th. HS Gym. Call time 6:30pm, Concert 7:00pm, 7-12 bands only

HS Pep Band - Tuesday, Feb. 19th @ 6:30pm, HS Band Room

AFTERSCHOOL/EVENING REHEARSALS TBA for 7th gr. bands, 8th gr. bands, & HS Band

8th Grade Band Festival Performance - Wednesday, March 6 @ Lake Michigan College. Performance Time: 11:55am

HS Band Festival Performance - Thursday, March 7 @ Lake Michigan College. Performance Time: 9:50am

7th Grade Band Festival Performance - Thursday, March 7 @ Lake Michigan College, Performance Time: 11:45am

HS Band Lock-in - Saturday, March 9, 5:30pm-11:30pm, @ High School

District 6 All Star Band (HS) - Monday/Friday/Saturday, March 18/22/23 @ Paw Paw HS

District 6 Middle School Honor Band - Monday, March 25 @ Andrews University