Kinder Corner

Week of October 24-28

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Guided Reading Groups

We will be slowly introducing guided reading groups into our Language Arts Stations time over the next 2 weeks. We are easing into it so that the children can get used to the change of being fully engaged while at the teacher table, and working independently and responsibly when they are at their work stations. This takes some practice, but we'll get there.

We will be keeping our weekly readers here at school for those two weeks so that students become accustomed to having it at the teacher table. Once we start sending them home, they will need to travel back and forth from school to home each day so that you can read them together at home, and we can use them for instruction at school.

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Curriculum Coming Up...

Language Arts and Social Studies:

-Letter: Tt

-Sight word: see

-Word family: __op



Addition and Math Problem Solving with manipulatives, pictures, and number sentences


I am an Engineer