The Words No More Highlighter

The highlighter that makes words disappear.

Product Description

Tired of having to highlight something and the words are still visible? Well, this amazing product is just for you. It's the incredible, "Words No More Highlighter!" All you have to do is highlight something, and the words magically disappear, leaving behind bright, beautiful colors. The secret, well, we cannot tell you what the secret is. All we can do is show you the results. It is quick and easy to apply. Find a word or a written section, place the applicator tip onto the paper, drag it over what you want to highlight, and presto, the words just disappear right before your eyes. By using the "Words No More Highlighter" reading comprehension of both adults and children improves by helping them remember what they highlighted. Thus, making them smarter. By using this product, it can change the way you highlight stories and articles forever. For people that love a great bargain, you can get a pack of 7, all the colors of the rainbow, for $1.99, and get a second pack of 7 or free. This offer is not sold in stores. Order now, while supplies last.


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