The Computer

By Lamya Sahoh Al Suwaidi (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


The computer is an extraordinary electronic device which is used in many ways such as receiving data, reading signals, and a lot more!

VOCABULARY (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Hard Drive

The hard drive is where the computer stores data. It’s connecting to the motherboard and it stores the operating system of the device.

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Optical Drive

The optical drive is where discs are place and they are read with electromagnetic waves and laser lights so the disc is read and it displays the information.

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Monitor is the part of the computer where everything is displayed, so if you type something or click something it will show up on the monitor.

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CPU stands for central processing unit, and it’s sometimes called the processor or the brain of the computer because it’s where all the calculations take place. It also looks like a small chip with pegs on it.

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RAM stands for random access memory. It has random information in the computer that erases once it is shut down.
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The motherboard is the part of the computer that connects everything together; you can also find the CPU connected with the Motherboard.
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Inputs and outputs are how things data is connected and removed from the computer. For example, cameras can store new picture and USB’s can add and take data.

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Touch Screen

Touch screens are basically screens which you can touch and interact with. When using a touch screen, there is a grid that determines what you are touching on the screen.
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Operating System/Other Software

This System/Software conducts your computer like Windows.

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Tim Berners Lee

Tim is a European computer scientist that created the World Wide Web (WWW) aka. The internet. He received many awards and honor for his work.

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Alan Turing

Alan was a European mathematician that created the Universal Machine. He also cracked the Nazi Code, aka the Enigma Machine.
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How Touchscreen works
How do computers work?
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Computer HISTORY! (*≧ω<*)人(*ゝω≦*)


Computers were very large and complicated such as the Enigma Machine. The first electronic computer in Europe it was called COLOSSUS. Also in America, they created the UNIVAC computer which was used for business. Later on, Alan Turing the mathematician from Europe wrote a paper about the computer.


The next generation of computer was called INTEL by Robert Noyce and Gordan Moore. There was also a computer called BASIC which was an easy way to help students learn the code and language.


During the 1970, Apple and Microsoft arose. Bill Gates was the main creator of Microsoft and Steve Jobs created Apple. They became popular very quickly because of UNIX.


Modern Internet was created and Sinclair that was very small and had a waterproof keyboard for under 100 pounds.


The first Microsoft was launched and so was Microsoft word, PowerPoint, and excel. Hotmail was also launched and had over 8.5 MILLION subscribers.


iPhone’s were released and laptops were selling more than desktops.


Tablets became more popular than laptops and modern technology helped this society.

The End ◕ ◡ ◕

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