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The National Aquarium is a new friendly

Environment where you can meet lots of fishy friends and learn about all the different animals we live around, don’t forget to say hi to the sharks.

About the aquarium

The aquarium offers so much to do like visiting your fishy friends and exploring with KIWIS, kids would love the tasty food at the cafe. But the best thing about the aquarium is you can have birthdays and amazing sleepovers like we did in the EOTC activities I hope when people visit they will have a splendid time with friends and family the aquarium is an amazing place In Hawke’s Bay this is the place to be!

Details (time and price)

The National Aquarium is usually open:Daliy 9.00-5.00 open to family of course. The pricing to get in is

Adult $20.00

Child (3 to 14 years) $10.00

Child (under 3 years) FREE

Senior Citizen or Student $18.00

Family (2 adults & up to 2 children) $54.00

Extra Child $6.00

Maps (or address)

The aquarium is located in: 546 Marine Parade , Napier South , Napier 4116 and the phone number is 06 834 1404.

History on the Aquarium

Napier has a long and impressive record of aquarium development, making it the logical site for the National Aquarium of New Zealand. The city established its first public aquarium in 1956, believed to be the first in New Zealand. A small group of residents, fascinated with fish life and wanting to share their experience and knowledge, set up an aquarium in the basement of the War Memorial Centre, now an in-demand conference venue at the northern end of Napier’s Marine Parade.

The city’s first purpose-built aquarium opened in 1976 and after an $8 million redevelopment, the National Aquarium officially opened in March 2002.

Aquarium staff have an international reputation for specialist knowledge, including reptile expertise and an ability to keep stocks alive well beyond natural life expectancy rates.

The National Aquarium was the first aquarium to hatch a turtle egg (1975). It has the world’s oldest living Tuatara hatched in captivity (hatched 1980) and these are now part of a database for genetic diversity. Other scientific programmes involved researching the sustainability of the Orange Rough fishery, the effect of ageing on fish and measuring stress levels in Tuatara.

Local fishermen visit regularly to deliver their catch or identify unusual species they have found in the bay. No part of New Zealand is more than 130 kilometers from the sea, making marine education and curiosity natural amongst this country’s four million population.

WOW (amazing job)

When you are in the aquarium you will notice that it is very airy and echo which I think is pretty cool, it feels creepy but amazing to be up-close to the animals and facts over the years but it's an amazing learning space because look what the staff get to by every day the job looks exciting how lucky are they?

What I want to know

I really want to know how much money they spend on food for the animals?
How do they feed all the animals?
Do they release the wild life back to the open or not?

Other Activitys

The aquarium offers not just animals they also offer a lot more like birthdays,sleepovers and also holiday programmes the kids would love it!


The aquarium is a great place if you are in Napier make sure you visit it's a great place.

HOPE YOU ENJOYED ( by Tayla ).