Hannah Greene


About Me

I'm currently a senior at Schley County High School in Ellaville, GA. I decided to take AP Biology online because my school doesn't offer it at the time I need it and because I think I may want to major in biology at college. By taking this course, I hope to gain college credit and to discover if biology is my true love. I've never taken an online GAVS course, so everything is totally new to me and my school (I'm honestly a little nervous!). I hope to attend GaTech or UGA. Recently I've been thinking of becoming a vet in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

My Loves

  • Family
  • Cats
  • Laughing
  • Green tea
  • Eating
  • Cheese
  • Animals of any kind

My Hates

  • Bad grades! :P


I love everything Harry Potter! My classic favorites include Thorpe, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Lemony Snicket Series, and Boy's Life.

What I spend My Time Doing

I spend most of my time hanging out with family and friends, doing things such as watching movies, shopping, eating, and just simply talking. I also love to read and relax on weekends. My sister is a student at GaTech, and she is a biology major. She's the one person that can make me laugh no matter what. I enjoy spending time with her when I can, and talking to her through Facebook when she's in college.

Dream Vacation Spots

I've been to Florida, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C., but I'd love to go all over the world! I love warm places, preferably ones with a place for swimming. When I graduate high school, I hope to take a family vacation to Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida.


I'm currently in FBLA, Foreign Language Club, Science Club, and Senior Beta. Last winter I went to a Science Olympiad at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, and I went to FBLA's state competition in early spring.

AP Biology? WHY?

All my friends ask me why I would want to take AP biology, but I ask them why wouldn't they want to take it? I've always loved plants, animals, and the natural world around me. Growing up on a farm in rural GA surrounded by nothing but deer and pines greatly contributed to my love of biology.