The Impartance of Pre-sports!

Deja Nichols Period 3

The meaning of Pre-sports!

Pre-spots about working hard to become active and fit. It teaches you sports so when you play sports you know most of what you need to know. It also prepares you for athletics in the future. For example in 7th and 8th grade in middle school, high school, college, or even professional on television. But remember it all starts with a good education.


You are expected to come in and work hard. You can have fun but you still have to listen and work hard. When you first get into gym you are expected to come in and get dressed in 5 minutes so you can work out as much as you can.

1.You may not steel someone's stuff because they need it for school. Just because you lost your stuff does not mean you can someone else's stuff. Just tell an adult so they can help you look for it.

2.Dont harm yourself in any way. It will mess up your health and health is important in pre-sports and in life.

3.You need to get into the lock rooms take care of your business then get out. There are people waiting for you so they can start there work out.

4.Always remember your gym outfit. You will need them everyday except the health days then you will remember to bring a pencil. If you don't have your outfit you will do consequences.

5.Always listen and pay attention because you might miss something really important that you need to know. You could even get hurt or hurt someone else if you don't pay attention to the teachers direction sub or not.

From me to you never give up!

Never give up. If you never give up you will get very far in life. In sports if you never give up you will become very healthy and you could possibly get a scholarship for college. You can possible be professional. I am not saying you will but it still helps to never give up. Stay positive in life and in sports. Stay active and life will pay you not with money but with health.