Human Body Coorpation

The Brain by logan, gabe, slayton,dylan

Physical Appearance and Location

I'm inside your skull, I am pink because of all the blood in me and i look like intestines shriveled up in a ball. I am about the size of two clenched fists. I am in the nervous system.

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Facts About The Nervous System

1.We can transmit signals at 100 meters per second.

2.We send messages throughout the body

3.We are divided into 2 parts; the central and penetrable.

4.We are a network of cells.

5.We are composed of neuron cells which process and transmits the information.

Facts About The Brain

1.I am 8% protein.

2.I am 75% water.

3.I weigh about 3lbs.

4.I consist of about 100 billion organs.

5.I have no pain receptors so i feel no pain.

Body System Function And Importance Of The Organ.

The basic function of the nervous system is to send signals throughout the body and receive signals from the body, and the spinal cord is the pathway for the messages to be sent and received. One reason that I am important is because without me you would not be able to maintain homeostasis, so you would get hypothermia and eventually die. At states, without a brain we would not be able to continue to live, so if you value your life do not remove me.

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Interdependence Between Systems

Without me the digestive system would not be able to get rid of waste which would eventually build up, clog your large and small intestines. If you get rid of me the Endocrine system wouldn’t be able to make hormones which control your growth and other important things like your temperature. Also if i was removed the circulatory and respiratory systems would not work.

Removal Of Another Organ

A different organ that could be removed is the appendix in the digestive system. You should remove this organ instead because it is not used for anything nowadays so there is no sense in having it in your body.