The Elavator

By: William Sleator


Exposition: Martin lived in small apartments and was scared of an elavator.

Rising Action: When Martin was going up to the 17th floor the elavator stoped at the 13th floor. A fat lady got on. Martin was scared that the elavator would fall.

Climax: She kept ending up in the same elavator with Martin. This time she kept staring a Martin and would not stop. He though that she was the cleaning lady

Falling Action: On a school day Martin got on the elavator. The elavator stoped, it was the fat lady who got on again. Before the elavator closed he ran out and spraind his ankle.

Resolution: Martin was coming back from the hospital with his dad hid dad had a meeting so he got of and he sent Martin to the 17th floor. The elavator stoped at the 16th floor and the fat lady got on. She said "hello Martin" and pushed the stop button.


Martin was a young boy who lived in a appartment with one elavator. Martins biggest fear was to get on the small elavator. He was so worried that the elavator would drop of stop in between floors. One day martin was on his way back from school, he was so scared of the elavator that he had to take the stairs. When he finally reached his floor his dad asked him "why are you brathing so hard". his dad called Martin a coward. Next day he was on his way to and the elavator stoped. a fat lady got on. Martin was scared that the elavator would drop. The lady kept staring at Martin. That same thing was happening over and over to him. one day they ended in the same elavator again. Before the door closed he ran out the elavator and spraind his ankle. When he was coming back with his dad . his dad had to go to a meeting so he sent Martin to the room. When he was going up the elavator stoped at the 16th floor. The fat lady got on and said "hello Martin". Then she pushed the stop button.


The conflict is when Martin is being followed by the fat lady and when he breaks his leg. The story didnt really have a resolution because the Antagonist got away with it.


Antagonist- Martin

Protagonist- The fat lady following Martin


The way that the characters have their conversations influence the theme by showing their actions againts the elavator. like when Martin took the stairs instead of the elavator.


He needs to overcome his fear beacuse he behaves like a coward when his dad had to go to a meeting and he left him alone. Martin was trying not to let him go.


He needed to overcome his fear of the elavator.