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Short Track Speed Skating in Sochi

Short Track Speed Skating.

Short track speed skating is a form of competitive ice skating, that is taken place at the Olympics. Speed skating is considered the faster self-propelled sport in the winter Olympics. The sport is very difficult, keep the speed and moving around other. You can not touch or bump other or you will be disqualified. The sport includes a Mens 500M, Mens 1000M, & Mens 1500M along with pre-trials, semi-finals & finals. Women's are the same as men , but they do not race with men.
Science of the Winter Olympics - Short Track Speed Skating


Short Track Speed Skating became part of the Olympic in Albertville in 1992. Short Track Speed skating began in Canada and the United States as early as 1905. In 1967 the ISU declares Short Track Speed Skating an official sport but international worldwide competitions are not held until 1976.
Jessica Smith Grabs Her Third Win At The Trials | U.S. Olympic Trials Short Track Speedskating

USA Results & More.

Even though are USA team isn't quite yet winning, J.R. Celski of our men's team did place in 4th. More results.

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Jessica Smith Wins The 1,500m | U.S. Olympic Trials Short Track Speedskating


Although Jessica didn't win first she came in 2nd in the Ladies' 1500 m Finals.

She also came in 4th in the Ladies' 1000 m Finals

Jessica was ranked 7th over all.

Jessica Smith Olympian Life

Jessica is an astounded women who has set her mind to win the gold. At the age of two she begin her career skating, at the age of twelve she earned her spot on the National Junior Team, the youngest girl to do so. Jessica has won 6 World Championship titles, 14 Junior World Championship titles and a Pan American Gold medals. To learn and read more from Jessica's personal site.

The Life of Jessica Smith

Jessica was born on July 30th, 1998 in Melvindale, MI. She currently lives in Salt Lake City, UT but is in Sochi, Russia to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Jessica's favorite pre-game food is Tacos, but her favorite food is Mexican food. Jessica is involved with Play Well Play Safe charity. To read more.