Snow Tubing at Eagle Rock Resort

PA Virtual Invites you to join us for:

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Eagle Rock Resort

Friday, Feb. 20th, 1-4pm

1 Country Club Drive, Hazle Township, PA 18202


I'm asking that everyone arrive by 12:45 pm so I can collect money and get everyone registered. We cannot begin until everyone is present and paid for.

Important Information!!!!!!

There is no height requirement, however, students must be able to get in and out of the tube by themselves and they must be able to ride by themselves. There are no double tubes only single, so you will not be able to ride with your student. Rider sits in the tube and a conveyer belt takes you up the hill. Your student must be able to jump in and out of the tube unassisted. Again, your student must be self-sufficient and be able to ride without assistance! Having been there several times I am confident in saying that most younger riders do really well on these slopes. These slopes are safer and a bit smaller than some resorts. These slopes are great fun for younger as well as older students. Adults love this ride as well!!!


  • $12.00 per rider providing we make the minimum required group size of 15 riders.
  • Exact Change is required for your group


  • Tubing
  • The Science of ice and salt
  • Lunch-Snack Bar available or bring your own brown bag

OLS Hous: 120 minutes of physical education and 60 minutes of science


  • Please remember to bring your lunch and drink
  • There is a snack shop with items for purchase
Inconsideration of those with allergies please do not bring any nuts or nut products.


  • Socialization
  • Educational

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will be challenged with enrichment activities
  • Students will learn hands on about freezing water and the effects of salt
  • Students will engage in physical activity

RSVP: Feb. 18th

Please RSVP to Kim Salerno at

or Dana Ciccotti at

  • Please include student's name, teacher, grade
  • Please include Parent/chaperon attending
  • Please let us know if you are a new family so we may welcome you
  • Please include names of all family/friends attending-please let us know if they are children or adults


1. In consideration of our students with serious allergies, please refrain from bringing nut (food) products or balloons.

2. As always, to limit the spread of possible flu, please do not attend a PA Virtual event if you have had a fever within 24 hours of the event.

3. For safety: All students need to be accompanied by a parent, learning coach or other designated adult. All students must wear shoes/sneakers for the entire school event and please refrain from bringing pets.

4. If there is a possibility of severe weather, please check Blackboard the day of the event in case of cancellation due to weather.

5. All PA Virtual events are tobacco free. Please do not smoke near or around any children or the outing facility.