Stop Cyberbullying

Pulling someone down will never help you reach the top.

What is cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a way to make fun of people, people who don't have a life go online and talk trash about others because they simply can't back their words in person.

Examples of cyberbullying

Mean text messages,emails, rumors sent by email or post in social media.

Three differences between cyberbullying and bulling

Cyberbulling is bulling that takes place by using social media,text messages, emails its all done behind a computer screen.

bulling is caused by actions such as making threats,spreading rumors,attacking someone physically or verbally.

Effects of cyberbullying

Use of alcohol,drugs

skip school

poor grades

health problems

lower self-esteem

prevention & Awareness

ask to friend or follow your kids in social media.

ask for their password.

know the sites your kids visit.

Encourage your kids to tell you if someone they know or him is getting cyberbully.

supervise your kids conversation online.

Establish rules

be clear about what sites they can visit.

tell them to keep passwords safe not to share with friends.

show them how to properly use computers and cellphones.

reporting cyberbully

don't respond or forward any messages.

keep information of cyberbullying, date,time,

block the person who is cyberbullying

Report to your online service provider.

review terms and conditions. this section will say what is and what is not appropriate

report cyberbully to social media so they can take action.

Report to your local law enforcement.

Threats of violence.

stalking and hate crimes.

Report to your school

They can create programs for kids getting bully.

make rules so it can stop.