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Grade 9 Academic Science Culminating Performance Task

Sustainable Ecosystem

If I would have to have a green environment house, my house would be located in the temperate deciduous forest. The reason why is because of the temperature, its not to hot not to cold, also I want to live in a temperate deciduous forest because of all the plants and animals that are their. Also I wanna live in a temperate deciduous forest because of all the nature their is, all you have to do is step outside and you see all these animals plants etc. The First thing I would change In my house is changing my light bulbs to LED, I say this because the light bulb uses the least electricity as possible and it gives off the brightest light possible. In addition, I would also get solar panels to support my house with electricity or just build a house beside a lake that has a dame because I can get electricity from it.

In side and around my house ill grow plants , I say this because if I put some plants inside my house they would give me a natural air filters, and some plants are particularly effective absorbers of harmful pollutants emitted from carpets, furniture, and electronic equipment. Some of the plants I would plant are... firstly I would plant a lot of deciduous trees because they give out a lot of good oxygen and shelter, also i would plant the following plants: common primrose, american beech, and spanish blue bell. I chose these plants because these can be found in the temperature deciduous forest, they give out good oxygen, They give me shade in the summer so it makes me save money and lastly I would plant plants because they look nice, and have a nice sent full smell.


What I have chose for transportation is a tesla model, and a bike. I have chosen a tesla model because it uses 100% electricity only, which means no pollution! Also, the tesla model is an amazing car because i get to save a lot of money on fuel. In addition i have chosen a bicycle because not only does it not pollute, doesn't require electricity and i get to stay healthy by exercising so i get to save triple the amount because in a tesla model i also have to charge the car so in my opinion a bike is the best transportation out there and believe everyone should have a bike.

Waste management

The waste management ill follow will be a recycling bin, A compost bin, And a bin for reusable items/bottles. The reason i have chosen a recycle bin is to throw out reusable things and recyclable things(reduce reuse recycle). In addition we have a compost so like the fruits and vegetables ill eat ill have to trow out the peals to the compost. And lastly a reusable bottle/item bin this bin will be used for some bottles and items that may or may not be used for the future.

Supporting the Sumatran tiger

The animal I would be glad to sponsor would be Sumatran tiger. If you are wondering why ill tell right now. Firstly, the Sumatran tiger is one of the most endangered species on plant earth. This tiger is the biggest cat of them all. In addition i would like to sponsor this tiger because like i mentioned before they are almost extent( 3 400 left rough estimate), They are really cute, and lastly i fell sad when i hear stories about people killing these tigers just for their skin. Lastly we have a little about this tiger, the tiger can grow up to seven foot with a weight up to one thousand pounds. In addition this tiger has lived on planet earth for more then 1 million years and it would be sad to let something living that long on earth die. Lastly the Sumatran tiger represents tiger respect a uniquely hopeful opportunity for the survival of an individual subspecies of tiger in the wild. So everyone sponsor this special tiger and lets help them not get extinct.
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Household chemicals

Three toxic chemicals that can be found in/ or around my house is bleach, air fresheners, and Ammonia. Bleach is a chemical to wash things or whiten, Air freshener is used to make the air smell nice and Ammonia is a chemical compound that has one nitrogen atom and three hydrogen atoms tightly bonded, and the symbol for the chemical is NH3. It can take the form of a strong-smelling liquid or gas. The chemical i will chose is bleach. This chemical is really dangerous if used in the wrong away, the main point of it is to whiten close/ change colours in fabric. This dangerous chemical works by oxidizing. In order to create this chemical you would need to mix hypochlorite which something like sodium, and chlorine and oxygen. (In the pictures bellow it will show you what bleach looks like and bohr Rutherford diagram for each separate chemical to make bleach)

Bohr Rutherford Diagram For Bleach


The source of electricity my house would be supported by would be by hydro electricity and/or solar panels. First lets start with why hydro, i chose hydro because i will build a house near by a hydro power plant are a river and get free electricity that never runs out. The way this works is the water flow from dams make a turbine spin causing it to give us free electricity. The only thing that will stop this method would be if all the water evaporated which is a chance of 1 in a billion. Next we have solar panels, this method of electricity is awesome because we all know the sun will never run out and ill have free electricity which will make me save a lot of $$money$$. In addition solar panels are renewable which means if my solar panels are not giving me as much electricity ill just renew it for a even better one. Finally This will be better for future generations because now a day people use fossil fuels to generate electricity and this makes the earth polluted but if everyone in the world decided to use the solar/hydro method of electricity the air would be clean.

How to save this energy

The way I would save electricity is by simply changing all light bulbs to led like i mentioned before. Also i would go to the market and buy all energy efficient products so like a stove fridge microwave etc. In addition I would also use the day light instead of turning on the lights. Also to save energy I would buy a an energy efficient heater/cooler, the reason why is because in this heater that ill buy putting it one degree down will make the energy use 5% less which makes it really energy efficient but if i want to i can not use it and ill save lots of money. finally to save electricity i would make sure to leave my computer/T.V/speakers of at all times unless they will be used, and be sure to not leave and gadgets charging at night because once the battery goes over 100% not only are wasting energy but your breaking the battery in your gadget for over charging it. (If i'll do all the following listed how to save energy ill save over 20,000 dollars each month)


The following appliances in my house will be: Energy star close washer, Energy star fridge, Energy star dishwasher, Energy star fans, Energy star ventilating fans, and lastly Energy star heating and cooling. The reason i have chosen these appliances is pretty obvious, i have chosen them because they are the most energy efficient appliances out there in the market so without a question asked I am getting these appliances for sure.

Light bulbs

The light bulb i will use is a Led since it uses the least electricity. The reason why is because i get to save a lot of money. And lastly this light bulb is the brightest one you can get in the market.
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The study of the universe

The first thing would be robotic life support and a telescope. First lets start with a robotic, this robot was send on a ship to discover the plant mars and has helped planet earth to discover whats on mars. In addition they have a robot that can grad things and one of the robots have grabbed a rock and they found life in it so it helped them a lot to show them that theirs a chance of living on mars. Next we have telescope, this invention was made to look up in the sky to see stars, different plants, commits, asteroids and a lot more. This has help us to see if anything would hit planet earth, this is also an awesome invention because if we didn't have a telescope and a really big asteroid has hit earth we would be dead.

How my house will look like

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Thank you for reading through my flyer hope you enjoyed it!!

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