By: Nick Anaya

Camp life

The camp changed the prisoners majority. From making them kill one another to having them lose their faith. They practically turned them into animals trapped in cages. It easily broke families up because they either got separated from one another or needed to survive.


Torture, giving up, no escape


Three of the themes that I thought were the biggest were religion, communication, and hope. Hope represented how many times they could here a gunshot and would get all happy inside thinking they were gonna be saved. Religion was for how the Prisoners were Jewish but didn't lose hope in god. Communication was how they acted towards each other in he camps.


This book revealed a ton of things about me but the thing that stuck out the most is how much I cared. When the Jews were being beat it felt an emptiness in my stomach that I have never felt before. Then when they were released I felt joy and happiness for the prisoners.