Terry Fox

By: Abhay Randhawa

Terry Fox Biography

· Terrance Stanley is his real name.

· He was an athlete, and a cancer research activist.

· Terry Fox had a very supportive Family, he was the brother of one younger and one older, and had one younger sister. That's a total of four siblings including him, which makes up 6 members in his family altogether including mom and dad.

· Was born 28 of July 1958 in Winnipeg.

· Unfortunately Terry died on the 28 of July in New Westminster, leaving nothing but hope, leadership and dreams for others in the world that believe in him.

· Terry Fox Loved to run, play basketball, plays rugby and soccer.

· He was even the co-winner of schools athlete of the year award.

· But through his high school years terry released what he was really passionate for, and that is Basketball.

· Not only did terry fox play basketball, he also got into to the kinesiology program, which study's the body of movement.

· Terry Fox didn't know until after high school he got selected for his university's junior boy’s varsity basketball team. (University's of Simon Fraser)

What is the leader involved in, and how did he show leadership?

  • Terry Fox was known as a respected and faithful leader. He always believed in himself and wanted to go even further with whatever he’s doing, by pushing himself to the limit.
  • After university a few years later, Terry unfortunately got diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • As he inspired nationwide people through his difficult time, his strength of character boosted him to raise funds for cancer research.
  • Terry had courage in himself, so he took a step forward to run across Canada to raise awareness and funds about cancer research.
  • Terry Fox entirely covered 5,000 Km of Canada by running, only 143 days, which is pretty courageous and incredible.
  • Terry ran from St. Johns, NL, to Thunder Bay, ON.
  • After this Run Terry Fox Unfortunately was told by doctor to put an end to another run he was going to run called "The Marathon of Hope", when cancer started to invade his circulatory system (lungs).

Nelson Mandela's 1st Lesson

"Even if I don't finish, we need other to continue. It's got to keep going without me". This quote has a very big meaning for every individual living on this planet. what this quotes says is if terry Fox passes away we still need courageous individuals to continue to run the marathon of hope. This quotes relates to Nelson Mandela's 1st lesson of leadership because from my sense Nelson's saying that real leader's are people that are fearless and ready to move on to inspire others. This leadership lesson relates to terry because he was fearless of death and wanted to continue on not only for this cause, but for the people around the world, and even though he dies he still wants other to continue without him.

Nelson Mandela's 4th Lesson

Nelson Mandela says "Known your enemy- and learn about it's favorite sport". In terry fox's childhood he was very passionate about basketball and played other sports like rugby, soccer and cross-country. When he got through high school and university a few years later on he got diagnosed with lung cancer. The enemy for him was cancer in which he took a step forward to run for cancer research. As Mandela has thought his enemy's are the white people. So he recognized what sport the white people liked to play which was rugby, and he started learning about it. As he became an expert at learning this sport he started cheering for his opponents team which was the enemy's team. The black nation that was living in Africa thought Mr. President was gone crazy. After all of that the Spring-Brooks which was the presidents favorite team ended making it to the finals and won the rugby world cup championship. After that the black nation and the white nation made peace together. This was similar to Terry Fox's experience but without the controversy with the blacks and the whites.


In the end Terry Fox was a honored and respected human that inspired others with this statement " I just wish people would realize that anything is possible if you try. Dreams are made if people try"- Terry Fox