Steven Spielberg

By: Andrea Relucio

How it all started

Spielberg’s ambition let him continue to reach his goal of becoming a director. The effects of his success made him one of the most famous and young directors. Universal Studios hired him because of his hardship to attain the job. One summer he pretended to work at Universal Studios for one whole summer just to see what it was like. Everyone at the studio thought that he worked there and that helped him become a better director. The outcome of him creating his first full length film at California State University of Long Beach gave him the benefits of having a higher chance of working at Universal Studios.

Pushing through

Despite Steven Spielberg’s intelligence, he had to face adversities during school. Since he was 2 years behind in school, he was bullied because of it. Spielberg was dyslexic and he didn’t know it. He tried attending the schools he wanted to go to, University of California, Los Angeles and University of Southern California, because they were the top film schools there. His low grades lowered his chances of going there. Instead, he attended California State University at Long Beach and since he was so passionate about filming, it let him escape reality and made him more resilient. He was able to ignore his problems and ended up creating a film club there.

Steven Spielberg - Dyslexia Interview