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November Lesson Focus

November's lessons will focus on building positive relationships and honesty. Our objective is that by the end of each lesson, students will be able to identify 3 appropriate behaviors in friendships and state a reason why honesty is important in ALL relationships.

During the months of November, December, and January, we will also be conducting our annual Personal Body Safety lessons. Each month, 2 grade levels will have an extra lesson to ensure that all students are taught safety measures before January. Our district goal is to foster awareness and to offer a prevention based program that teaches students to avoid situations of potential harm and steps to take should a threatening situation occur. Basic prevention skills with clear, understandable techniques are communicated with the students. The curriculum, which is used district-wide, is designed specifically for each grade level, ensuring that the material covered is age appropriate.

We hope you will be supportive of this program that will enhance the self-esteem and self-preservation skills of our students. We believe it will be a beneficial experience for all. As always, we appreciate your discussions with them regarding what is covered at school and reinforcing key safety skills with your child at home.

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact us!

Mrs. Kay (K, 1, 2)

Mrs. Harlow (3,4,5)

Grit and Growth Mindset Presentation

Last month SES conducted a virtual parent night where school counselors presented information on the importance of GRIT and growth mindset. Unfortunately, we experienced some technical difficulties, so we have included an article above that gives some tips on how to foster grit and growth mindset in your children.

SES School Counselors: Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Harlow

Mrs. Kay is the counselor for grades K, 1, and 2

Mrs. Harlow is the counselor for grades 3, 4,and 5

To contact Mrs. Kay you may email her at

To contact Mrs. Harlow you may email her at

Tips on Helping Your Child Build Positive Relationships

1. Allow for unstructured, uninterrupted time with your child each day

2. Let your child know you are interested in his/her activities

3. Encourage children to express their feelings in age appropriate ways

4. Respect your child's feelings

5. Play games that explore feelings

6. Provide opportunities for your child to develop relationships with peers

7. Limit TV, video games, and other "Screen Time"