Journalism project

New Puppy, New Phone, School lunch

New Puppy

My mom and I had been planning this big surprise for my dad, because it was their anniversary. I had finally found a puppy on a website called My mom contacted the lady and we set up a time and place to meet her. On April 22 we went to Smithville, MO to meet Sadie. She was the sweetest most adorable puppy ever. We took her home and surprised my dad, he loved her. The only sad thing is, is that she attached herself to me so now she is my dog. I really enjoyed the experience, I always have enjoyed the process of getting a new puppy.
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iPhone 6s plus

The iPhone 6s can do many things but some of the more "important" things would be 3D touch, and the live photos. The 3D touch is a method the iPhone uses to see how much pressure you are applying to the phone. There is a feature inside of the 3D technology it is called "peek and pop" lets you preview content and act on it without actually having to open it. The live photos are a big part of how popular the new iPhone is a still photo is taken but when the photos is taken it takes a little footage from before and after the photo is taken. To activate the live photo you just have to simply press down on the photo to see it move. The new iPhone is a great option if you are considering getting a new phone, it is a little pricey but it is worth it.
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School lunch

Around the world students do not get the nutrition they deserve. Many schools serve small portions of food to students and say that it is a full lunch and that they are getting there nutrition but in all reality it's the same thing as junk food. Schools need to have the option of bigger portions, better food and more nutritious choices.
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Dress Codes

Many girls struggle with people complaining about what they are wearing or how they are wearing it. Women do not have the option of wearing whatever they want because there is always that one person that has to complain about what they are wearing saying it's distracting or too revealing. Guys do not get dress coded as often as girl do unless they are wearing a shirt that is offensive or vulgar. Women get dress coded all the time, from their shorts being to short to there shoulder showing. I feel this is a huge problem that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.
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