By Eliot Schrefer

A Heartwarming Book For Everyone

Sophie, a teen born in Africa but living in the states, is visiting her mother at her bonobo retreat in Congo. Sophie comes across a young abused bonobo named Otto, which she illegally purchases and nurses back to health. Otto and Sophie go through many adventures to survive a rebel attack of Congo.

Animal Endangerment Education

Endangered teaches readers information about the world's struggle with animal endangerment.

"In Lingala, animal is just the plural form of meat- which tells you a lot about the state of wildlife conservation in Congo" (107).

Endangered Animals - Precious Species - could be Extinct tomorrow...

Congo, Africa

The Democratic Republic of Congo is located in central Africa. The Second Congo War beginning in 1998, devastated the country and is sometimes referred to as the "African world war" because it involved nine African nations and twenty armed groups.

Theme of Endangered

Motherly Love- A common theme of Endangered is motherly instinct. Sophie and her mother's relationship struggles because they spend so much time apart while Sophie and Otto have a great relationship because of Sophie's motherly instinct.