Thomas Spivey's Day to Day Resume

Employment Objective

I am looking to join a career that is focused around technology, and I, more specifically, am looking for a career which is focused around programming.

My Skills and Expertise

  • Some practice with robotics and engineering
  • Self taught coding and programming
  • Worked with Unity engine for game production
  • Writing
  • Analyzing mathematical data
  • Designing systems
  • Giving advice on computer programs and data
  • Processing data on computers

Education and Training

I am currently attending my Junior year of high school in Forest Park High, and I expect to graduate in May during 2015. I have attended several technology classes during my time in high school, and have even taught myself bits of coding. My future plans are to attend Southern Polytechnic University for programming and possibly design.

Accomplishments and Activities

One of my major accomplishments would be inspiring and co-founding the Robotics and Engineering club at Forest Park High, and I would say I am proud of making high markings on my AP exam. I was also a member of FBLA in my Sophomore year of high school.


I have some mild interests in the zone of politics and volunteering, but my major passions lie within technology. Computer programming is actually one of my major fascinations at the moment, and I suspect that I will continue to seek knowledge over it. I also enjoy reading and dabble in the field of writing both novels and poetry.