Cannibalism at it's finest

Where do they live?

  • They lived all along the Texas coast Where they hunted and fished

About them

They ate what?

  • They primarily hunted wild deer, turtles and turkey
  • Also gathered berries and plant roots

They lived in....

  • The Karankawa used willow saplings and animal skins to make huts, sometimes known as wikiups. They often built by the ocean. They lived along the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico, near the modern-day Mexican border.


  • They used tools made of stone, bone and shells.
  • They also used bow and arrows, also spears made of wood and bones


  • They ate people.
  • Didn't have A religion.
  • They believed when they ate people they gained power.


  • Unknown
  • Had groups of people

Unique characteristic

  • They ate many people