Electrical Safety

How to stay safe with electronic devices in the kitchen

how to prevent electric shock

1. Never mix water and electricity.

2. Pay attention to what your appliances are telling you.

3. Replace missing or broken wall plates.

Electrical Safety in the Kitchen

How to treat electrical shock

  • If the person has been injured by an electrical shock CALL 911.
  • When you can safely touch the person, do CPR if the person is not breathing or does not have a pulse
  • Separate the Person From Current's Source

    To turn off power:

    • Unplug an appliance if plug is undamaged or shut off power via circuit breaker, fuse box, or outside switch.

    If you can't turn off power:

    • Stand on something dry and non-conductive, such as dry newspapers, telephone book, or wooden board.
    • Try to separate the person from current using non-conductive object such as wooden or plastic broom handle, chair, or rubber doormat.

    If high voltage lines are involved:

    • The local power company must shut them off.