AS400 Migration

The Challenge of Migrating AS400 Apps to Linux

Same as many other procedures, challenges also arises in migrating AS400 applications to Linux. But you never have to say no since AS400 is an application who will help you throughout the process. Below are some of the challenges and risks you need to face and overcome.

Given the task of running an AS/400 app on Linux, the challenge primarily centers on the supply languages; finding an effective way of assembling a large number of programs written exclusively in CL, RPG or maybe COBOL on Linux? Yet, in fact, the particular language concerns are just small part of a much larger challenge.

A good AS/400 has a normal, develop fully along with sophisticated environment meant to satisfy the wants of business oriented software. i OS (OS/400) provides underlying services necessary for application-service such as print out spooling, communication managing, batch job processing along with, of course, the data source.

On the other hand, the particular service provided by Linux usually is less rich and incomplete and when a sufficient service is offered, it truly is tremendously different to the particular program on an AS/400 in most major value.

AS/400 apps rely on these kinds of services just as much, or even more as compared to, the particular CL, RPG along with COBOL languages are helpful to establish the application form algorithms. And so, the most crucial parts of infinite i are certainly not the language compilers but the Infinite Deployment Environment. That environment has internal DLL’s possessing some sort of legion functions which guide OS/400 services to main Linux services and so offer an OS/400-like ‘shell’, where in program applications can be implemented.

All of us examine the particular Large 5 Services to find out just how Infinite iSeries increases normal Linux structure to be able to put into action OS/400 operation. Most of us will then consider the procedure where an iSeries program is created on Linux.

1. Job management

2. Database access

3. User interface

4. Printing

5. Other service functions

Be sure to know more details about these mentioned services. You may surely appreciate the benefits given by the AS400 migration once you became aware of its features. Infinite i will surely make a difference!