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Information from the Wisconsin Media Lab

This is from the Wisconsin Media Lab:

Wisconsin Media Lab and Wisconsin Public Radio are excited to bring you Listen Current! Listen Current makes it easy to bring authentic voices and compelling non-fiction stories to the classroom. NPR-produced content is featured in this collection for middle and high school teachers of social studies, science and English language arts. The stories include listening comprehension questions, discussion themes and graphic organizers.

The Wisconsin Forward Exam requires students to listen to audio files and answer test items. Listen Current is a great tool for teaching your students to listen!

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Patterson Partnership Grant

Leslie Chalfant and I are currently writing an application for a James Patterson/Scholastic Library grant. We can easily address the history of the library, but one place that we would like input is with where you envision the library heading. Please take a couple of minutes to share your opinions. The form is below.

Books for Posters Raffle

We are trying something new to encourage speedy turn in at the end of the year. We found out that the Scholastic Book Fair allows us to keep one copy of each poster, at no charge. We will be having a drawing for the posters. Students will be awarded tickets as they turn in their books. Students must come to the library to receive tickets.

Here is how tickets are awarded:

  • May 20th: Students will get 6 tickets if all of their books are turned in. Four tickets if only one book is out and 2 tickets if only 2 books are out. Students who have 3 or more books out will not get any tickets at this time.
  • May 20th-27th: Students will be awarded 1 ticket for each book turned in.

Each poster will have its own drawing envelope. Students will be able to put their tickets into the envelopes for the poster they want (For example, spread them out among multiple posters, put them all in one envelope).

The drawing will be on May 31st