Battle Between Brothers

Harley Nokes

The Battle of Antietam

On September 17, 1862, an eight hour battle began. Lee's original plan failed when he went against the 'defend the Confederate' plan and choose to attack instead. Three stages of the battle occurred but it become too much for the Confederates. Lee retreated. The battle became a key victory for the Union even though twenty-one thousand men died. This day would be known as the deadliest day of fighting. After the battle, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing slave in the rebellious states. The war officially became about slavery.
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The Battle of Gettysburg

On July of 1863, the Union and Confederates accidentally came across each other but that didn't stop the two sides from fighting. The Confederate developed a plan to 'create panic and destroy'. Lee attacked on the Meade's Union lines after two days. The Union won after those who started the attack were killed. This later became known as Pickett's Charge. The battle gave Confederates a lost of hope since Great Britain would not aid them. In the end, Lincoln gave his most famous speech, 'The Gettysburg Address', honoring all soldiers who died. The Battle of Gettysburg would be the most deadliest and bloodiest battle of them all.
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The Battle of Vicksburg

During the Gettysburg battle, the Confederates suffered greatly when their last river city was under control of the Union. Union surrounded the enemy's troops and sieged, by preventing all food and supplies reaching them. Union gunships supported their leader, General Grant, in capturing the city. The siege lasted about 47 days, to which Port Hudson was lost to the Confederacy. The Union was close to winning the Civil War after they caused the South to be split in two. This battle crucial to the Union's 'Anaconda Plan' and became the biggest battle on the Mississippi River. The Tide of the Civil War was turned.
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South's Plans

#1. a. Defend the Confederate land.

b. Prevent the North from destroying Confederate army.

c. Break Union's will to fight.

#2. Cotton Diplomacy-

Confederates attempt to convince Great Britain to intervene on their behalf or they would shut off Britain's water supply.

North's Plans

#1. Anaconda Plan-

a. Cut off Confederate rivers, ocean ports, and other trade routes from the outside countries.

b. Push the Union troops from the North into the South.

c. "Squeeze" the Confederacy into submission.

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