The Landlady

Continuing Roald Dahl's horror story

A slightly different ending.

"Only me, that's so surprising, here is all so cozy", "Oh dear thanks". Billy was tasting that tea by when the old lady brought it to him, he immediately noticed that unforgettable flavour that took away his childhood.

There was surely Cyanide, the landlady was trying to drug him like that man, many years before, now he knows and he wants to fight, he must, he can, he wants to overcome that episode, giving justice to those poor men.

He continued to talk with the woman, remembering what that the agent told to him, a couple of hours before. The plan must work, the plan must go on.

Talking about this and that, without exposing himself too much, midnight was come.

"Oh it's midnight, i've to go" said Billy, "Can I accompany you?". Immediately Billy answered yes. he was prepared for that moment.

"Breathe!" Billy repeated mentally, The moment's arrived! Billy suddenly slumped, the landlady was waiting this, Immediately tryed to take him to the 3rd stair, but Billy who played very well let she fall.

She lost consciousness, he had little time to escape and call the agents those were waiting next the door.

He picked up his luggage as fast as light and exited by that bed and breakfast.

The agents of Scotland Yard that chose him for this operation brought out three bodies, but one, one in particular, one of a disfigured old woman in her sexties in her arm had written probably with a knife " Billy, you will not escape, you signed it!"; but that's another story.