Asian Water Deer

By I.S.


  • Classified in mammals because they drink milk from their parents. (Wikipedia)

  • They have a yellowish brown, uniformly colored coat. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

  • They can reach a body length of 2.5-3.3 feet.

  • A shoulder height of 18-22 inches.

  • Can weight from 20-31 lbs. (Wikipedia)

  • Males lack of antlers, instead they have 2 long, curved upper canines; like tusks.(Wikipedia)

  • They can make many sounds, but the main one is a kind of bark used as an alarm. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Food chain and habitat

  • Lives in China, Korea and in the grasslandsof Britain. (Wikipedia)

  • They are not predators, but herbivores. (Ferris)

  • They eat grasses, reeds and vegetables. (Ferris)

  • They find their food in grasslands, swamps and in tall grasses. (Ferris)


  • They protect themselves against predators with their upper canines. (Ferris)

  • They can hop, gallop, and run really fast. (Wikipedia)

  • They bark to alarm others of danger. (Wikipedia)

  • The males are territorial. (Wikipedia)

  • The females stay in groups. (Wikipedia)

Reasons for endangerment

  • They are endangered because people hunt them in the grasslands. (Ferris)

  • Many of them die of hypothermia. (Ferris)

  • Because many Chinese industries tend to pollute their environment, it decreases their life span. (Wikipedia)

  • Most babies get killed by foxes. (Ferris)

  • Because of habitat destruction. (Ferris)
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Come on people, who wants this poor animal to disappear from the world for ever. Please, if you know somebody that hunts water deers, tell them to stop, or they will disappear from the world for ever.